Before You Join




This round of BTWG marks several major changes to the program.  Including, for the first time ever, there is no application process involved.  If you feel you are ready, I challenge you to find out for yourself and join us!


This page is lengthy and details everything you need to know before joining the BTWG program.  Taking the time to (mindfully) read through the details demonstrates your desire and willingness to transform your life; that you are ready and willing to slow down and pay attention.

If you are too busy to read through this page – you are not ready for BTWG.  If you are too rushed to read the fine print and follow the directions – you are not ready for BTWG.  The first rule of BTWG is NO SKIMMING!


One final “warning” – Joining BTWG means you are 100% committed to following the program to the absolute best of your ability and with no excuses.  It does not mean that you are ready and willing to follow some of the program, some of the assignments, apply some of the feedback some of the time – it means you are ready to follow ALL aspects of the program with your best effort.  If you are not ready to transform your life, to let go of what is not working for you, and to follow the guidance given please do not join – save the spot for someone who is ready and consider joining at another time when you feel you are truly ready.

While BTWG is not “extreme” or “hardcore”, it is certainly not “easy” – true change is rarely easy. This is a “No Excuses” program and I can assure you it holds the potential to challenge you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  I can promise that your “buttons” will likely be pushed.  You will be asked to examine your choices, your thoughts, your actions, your attachments, and your addictions.

The rewards will be far greater than any challenge or fear that you may face.

If you are still reading you may be ready after all!


“Recruits” who are ready to take on the Bridging the Wellness Gap® 90 Day Challenge – wholistic wellness program that will guide you to your ultimate experience of health, fitness and well-being. To learn more about what BTWG is, please visit the “About the Program” page and the “FAQ’s” page.

Before you pull the trigger on joining, please review the following expectations.

What Will be Expected from You:

  • “No Excuses” mindset – You must be willing to take full responsibility for yourself, for your thoughts, for your words, for your actions, for your choices, for your circumstances, and for your life.  There are no victims in BTWG!
  • You must possess a willingness to make your best effort. Obstacles will arise during the course of the program, challenges will confront you, and you may feel deflated from time to time – THAT IS LIFE! You must commit that when these challenges arise, rather than offer excuses or bailing on your program, you will use the tools provided for you and work through these challenges.  “Perfection” is not expected nor asked of you – only your best effort and no excuses.
  • Commit one hour per day to your BTWG program.  One hour is the TOTAL amount of time needed to complete your assigned training, workouts, journals, and homework assignments and it can be divided up throughout the day.
  • Everyone who joins the program is encouraged to have a full physical evaluation completed by their health care practitioner.  Depending on your current state of health, a doctor’s signed release may be required.
  • Be willing to be photographed for before and after results – males will be shirtless and in shorts, women should be in shorts and either a close fitting shirt or sports bra. These photos will only be viewed by official BTWG staff, unless you give permission otherwise.  If you have personal reasons not to be photographed or to wear something other than the suggested guidelines, we can work with your specific needs and requests.
  • Participate in online live events and meetings.  If you must miss, they will be recorded for you to view them as soon as possible.
  • Have the minimum amount of fitness gear required (or gym membership) which includes:  Quality jump rope, appropriate amount of dumbbells (most likely 3-4 sets of varying weight) or a set of exercise bands of varying resistances (must include a door anchor attachment).
  • Quality pair of shoes for walking and/or running.  If walking and/or running isn’t an option for you, an alternative form of cardiovascular activity will be assigned.
  • Yoga “sticky mat”.
  • Willingness to engage in various forms of relaxation/stress reduction practices which will include a basic form of meditation, visualizations, breathing exercises and yoga practice.
  • Desire to
  • Internet access.

The window to join the Fall 2018 Challenge will open soon!

I ask that you join only if you are 100% committed to making a change in your health, fitness, and well-being.  I am seeking those who truly want to transform their lives and are willing to commit to a challenging 90 day program that can change your life forever!

We are looking for real people, with real lives, and real challenges.  Is that you?  Are you ready?  If so, get on the BTWG email list, follow us on social media and submit your application when the process opens.

If you have questions or want to schedule a free consultation, please email: