Daily Practice for 19 Sep 18

Meditation:  10:00 walking meditation at some point in the day.


Combo #1 X 3 rounds:

  • Deadlift X 10 as heavy as possible (with strict form)
  • Burpee X 10
  • Butterfly Sit Up X 15
  • Yoga Squat X 1:00

Combo #2 X 3 rounds:

  • Pull Up X as many as you can do (5 minimum, otherwise use assist or do a Lat Pull Down X 10)
  • Kneeling Curl and Press X 10 as heavy as possible.  No movement in the rest of the body.  Keep your core tight
  • Boat Pose Hold X 1:00 (modify as needed to hold for the full minute)
  • Cobra Pose X 5 breaths

Yoga:  10:00 of stretching, mobility and/or foam rolling.  Focus on lats and spine.

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