Daily Practice: 08 Jul 18

Wake early, then:

  • Meditate for 10:00
  • Grab your journal and plan your week ahead.  Be sure to schedule time each day for your Daily Practice.  Most things suggested here can be completed in approximately 30:00, plus 10:00 – 15:00 for meditation and then journal.
  • In your journal, write down where you would like to be in the next 90 days in each area listed below.  Be specific.  Also, set targets that may seem impossible today.  Targets that will require you to become more than who you are today.  List in the following areas:
    • Fitness – what would you like to accomplish in terms of your overall fitness?  If you want to lose body fat, how much?  If you want to achieve a cardio target, such as run a 5K, write it down.  If you want to consistently do the Daily Practice sessions posted here, write it down.
    • Nutrition – What changes do you KNOW you need to make in terms of how your nourish your cells?
    • Relationship – 90 days from now, where do you want to be in terms of your close relationships?  What changes do you need to make with your kids, your spouse/significant other, your parents, your friends?
    • Spirituality – Where do you want to be in relationship to your Spirit, with God?  Do you need to commit to the assigned meditation sessions and journaling?  Do you desire to consistently attend church or spiritual group of your choosing?  Do you need to seek a deeper connection to God, and if so, what does that look like?
    • Career – Whether you own a business, are employed, a student, or a stay at home parent, either way you have a “career”.  Where do you want to be in this realm at the end of 90 days?
  • Now, look at these targets and answer the question, “why” for each of them.  This is key as next week we will begin to explore the “how” of hitting our targets.

Active recovery day or make up a missed session from earlier in the week.

Rest, mobilize, gentle yoga, stretch, walk, eat well and nourish your body, mind and spirit.  A new week awaits… tomorrow.

Share your targets in the comments!  Nothing like posting targets in a public way to help hold you accountable and to ensure you hit a bull’s-eye on your targets!

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