07 Sep 18

Meditation:  Meditate for 10:00 at any time today.

Strength:  MetCon day.  

For those who may not know, “MetCon” is short for Metabolic Conditioning.  This is also sometimes known as “Work Capacity”.  Regardless, the purpose of a MetCon is intensity.  The intensity from this sort of workout delivers a tremendous boost to your metabolism as well as improvement to cardiac output, the ability to deal with lactate and other metabolites and builds mental toughness.  So, go hard, yet ALWAYS maintain proper form.

5 rounds of the following.  Rest only as needed.

  • Strict Pull Up X 5
  • Hanging Leg Raise X 10
  • Thruster X 15 at a light to moderate load (weight).
  • Run X 200 meters.  Any cardio alternative is fine if running isn’t an option.  If subbing, do 1:00 of the activity.

Yoga:  10:00 of stretching, mobility, or yoga.

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