Daily Practice for 26 Jul 18

Meditation:  Meditate for 10:00 today.

Strength and Conditioning:

Combo #1:

3 rounds of:

  • Pull Up X max reps possible.  Minimum of 5.  If you cannot do 5 or do not have a way to do Pull Ups, do Lat Pulldown machine or Band Pulldown X 15.
  • SloMo Push Up X 10.  3 count on the way down – 3 count on the way up.
  • Sit Up X 1:00.  If you can’t go the full minute, do what you can.
  • Rest 1:00

Combo #2:

3 rounds of:

  • Weighted Squat – any style you want.  Examples include:  Banded Squat, Goblet Squat, Back Squat, Front Squat, etc. X 20 at a challenging but doable load
  • Row X 15.  Can be done with dumbbells, cable machine or bands.  Don’t have any equipment?  Give these a try!
  • Shoulder Press X 12
  • Plank hold series:
    • Forearm Plank X :30
    • Side Forearm Plank to right X :30
    • Side Forearm Plank to left X :30
    • Forearm Plank X :30
  • Rest 1:00

Yoga:  10:00 of yoga, stretching, mobilizing, and/or foam rolling.

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