Daily Practice for 07 Aug 18

Not sure how to meditate?  Not sure how to do some of the movements?  Hit me up!  I am happy to offer guidance and support.  Email me (chris@bridgingthewellnessgap.com), or post a comment below.

Early A.M. meditation:  Spend a minimum of 10:00 meditating and a minimum of 5:00 journaling.  Do this first thing in the morning.  Yes, you can set your alarm 15:00 earlier and get this done.  Make it happen!


5 rounds of:

  • Cardio activity of choice X :90
  • Rest X :90

Your score = shortest distance traveled in a round.  For example, if you run, and you cover 500 meters in round 1 through 3, then you cover 450 meters in round 4 and 400 meters in round 5 – your “score” would be 400 meters.

Post your results!  If you have been following the program here, compare your results to the same workout posted on 03 Jul 18.  Have fun!

Yoga:  Minimum 10:00 of Yoga, mobility, stretching, foam rolling.  Or, join me for Hot Vinyasa Flow at Cityoga!  5:45-7:00pm.

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