Daily Practice for 06 Aug 18

I hope you enjoyed your recovery week and feel ready to get after it again today!  Today we kick things off with a “Strength & Conditioning” session.  Enjoy!  Feel free to post your results, experiences and insights in the comments.  I love getting all the emails from you, sharing this sort of thing with me but I would love it even more if you might share in the comments!

Strength and Conditioning:


Minimum of 10:00

Strength and Conditioning:  Compare results to the Daily Practice from 02 Jul 18.  Note any progress and improvements in your results!

4 rounds, not for time of:

  • Pull Up X as many as possible with good form – minimum of 5 reps.  Otherwise scale with assisted pull up, lat pulldown or band pulldown
  • Goblet Squat X 10 as heavy as possible
  • Upright Row X 15
  • Sit Up, or alternative of your choice X 20
  • Rest X 1:00 between rounds

Share your results, experience or comments below!

Yoga:  10:00 of Yoga, mobility, or stretching.  Or, join me at The Hub in Carmel for my 9:30-10:30am class, or at My House Fitness in Avon for Yoga from 6:00 – 7:00pm.

Daily Practice for 01 Aug 18

Day 2 of recovery week…

Meditate for 10:00 today, longer if desired.

Cardio of your choice for 30:00 at an easy pace.  For many, this may mean walking instead of running.  Or, to keep the intensity lower, try cycling or another form of cardio activity that you enjoy.

Daily Practice for 31 Jul 18

Early morning meditation X 10:00 into journaling X 10:00.

Yoga Day!  If you have been following along these past weeks, you know the drill.  On Tuesday’s we Yoga.  Join me at Cityoga from 5:45 – 7:00pm, hit up another class that works for you, hit me up for one of my Yoga audios, or do your own thing on your mat.

Daily Practice for 30 Jul 18

This week is a recovery week.  If you are new to the BTWG lifestyle, a recovery week consists of taking a week off of from strength training and intervals.  We do, however, emphasize yoga, meditation, quality nutrition and rest.  I also suggest getting body work done, if at all possible.  This could be a massage, self massage, or spending quality time with your foam roller.

So, if your Daily Practice has been strong, I definitely want you to take this as recovery week and follow my suggestions.  If you have missed several workouts, you can go back and follow one of the previous week sessions.

Today is a total rest day.  Enjoy!


Daily Practice for 29 Jul 18


Meditate X 10:00.  Journal X 10:00

Active rest day:

On active rest days we move, yet we move in a way which restores our body, mind and spirit.  This could be an easy walk, hike, bike ride, stretching/mobility or very gentle yoga.  Massage or self massage would be ideal.  Just be sure to recover and be ready for the week ahead.

Daily Practice for 28 Jul 18

Make up day or fun activity of your choice X 30 – 60 minutes.  Longer, if you like!  

Daily Practice for 27 Jul 18

Meditation:  Early morning meditation X 10:00, then Journaling for 10:00.

Cardio:  Walk or other activity of choice for 20:00 at an easy to moderate pace.  You should be able to carry on a conversation, meaning you aren’t so out of breath you can’t talk.  Yet, not so easy that you aren’t a little challenged.

Yoga:  Spend a minimum of 20:00 doing a formal yoga session, or join me for my 10:15am Heated Vinyasa class at Cityoga.