Daily Practice for 30 Aug 18

Meditation:  Meditate for 10:00 today and journal for 10:00 as well.

Strength and Conditioning:

Combo #1:  3 rounds of

  • Incline Bench Press X 10
  • Kneeling Curl and Press X 10 super strict reps.  No movement of the torso.
  • Plank Walk Up X 1:00
  • Rest

Combo #2:  3 rounds of

  • Floor Press X 10 each
  • Strict Push Ups X as many as possible with good form.
  • Dips or Bench Dips X as many as possible with good form.
  • V-Up X 15

Yoga:  Spend 10:00 stretching, mobilizing, and or foam rolling.

Daily Practice for 28 Aug 18

Meditation:  Early morning pranayama practice, followed by 10:00 sitting meditation.  Not sure of the basic pranayama practice we use around here?  Click HERE to reference it from 15 Aug 18.

Cardio:  Interval Day!

After a proper warm up, do the following interval workout.  Mode of activity is your choice.

  • Increase the pace or intensity for 1:00 (about an 8 on a scale of 1-10)
  • Go easy for 1:00
  • Repeat for a total of 5 intervals

Continue for an additional 10:00 at an easy pace.

Yoga:  Join me for my 5:45pm class at Cityoga, otherwise, practice at least 10:00 of yoga, stretching, mobilizing, and/or foam rolling.

Daily Practice for 27 Aug 18

Meditation:  Walking meditation for 5:00 at some point today.  If you are new to this practice, keep it simple.  Ideally, perform this outdoors.  Barefoot in the grass is also preferred.  The idea is to simply walk with mindfulness; attention is placed on each footstep as well as being mindful of the breath.

Strength and Conditioning:

3 rounds of:

  • 1 Arm Overhead Squat X 10 each side.  Can be done with a dumbbell, kettlebell, or even an exercise band.
  • Strict Pull Up X as many as possible with good form.  If doing a Lat Pulldown, perform 10 heavy reps.
  •  Kettlebell (or Dumbbell) Swing X 15.  If you don’t have a kettlebell or dumbbell, do Air Squats X 20 instead.
  • Forearm Plank X 1:00
  • Rest as needed.

Rest for 5:00, then…

3 rounds with minimal rest of:

  • Burpee X 10
  • Sit up X 20

Yoga:  Join me at My House Fitness in Avon for my 6:00pm class, or spend at least 10:00 stretching, mobilizing, foam rolling, or a combination of each.

Daily Practice for 21 Aug 18

Apologies for the lack of posts.  For those of you following along, here you go!

Strength and Conditioning:

5 rounds.  Rest only when necessary:

  • Pull Up X 5 or modify with Lat Pulldown X 10
  • Floor Press or Bench Press X 10
  • Goblet Squat X 15
  • Sit Up or modify with Crunches or other ab exercise X 20
  • Jump Rope x 1:00 (if you don’t have a jump rope, just jump in place or perform Jumping Jacks)

Yoga:  Spend at least 10:00 mobilizing, stretching and/or foam rolling.  Or, do a 20:00 – 30:00 Yoga session.

Daily Practice for 16 Aug 18

Meditation:  Walking meditation X 10:00.  Sitting meditation X 10:00 at bedtime.

Cardio:  30:00 of sustained activity of your choice.  Make it a challenging effort, yet sustainable where you don’t have to fluctuate from going hard and needing to slow for recovery.

Yoga:  Strength, mobilize or yoga X 10:00

Daily Practice for 15 Aug 18

Early morning breath work and meditation:  Today we venture into the Practice of breath work, or “pranayama” as it’s known in the yoga and meditation world.  While there are numerous benefits to breath work in the energy/metaphysical world, we will focus on the physical and mental benefits such as:

  •  Improved oxygenation of the blood
  • Increased focus and energy
  • Helps create balance in body and mind

There are many more benefits and reasons, but at the end of the day, I just ask you trust the process and just do the work!

Here is the practice for today which is known as “alternate nostril breathing”.  Ideally, this would be done first thing in the morning, shortly after awakening.  If that isn’t an option, just do it when possible.  Anytime of day is better than not doing it.

  • Sit as in meditation and quiet your mind for a few moments.
  • Bring your awareness to your breath
  • After an exhale, use your thumb to close off your left nostril and breath in only through your right nostril.
  • After the full inhale, close off your right nostril and exhale only through your left nostril.
  • After the full exhale, inhale through your left nostril.
  • Close off your left nostril and exhale through your right nostril.
  • This is one round.  Continue for a total of 10 rounds.
  • After 10 rounds, sit quietly and just breath naturally for a few moments.  This concludes the session.

Strength and Conditioning:

Combo #1:

  • Thruster X 10 @ challenging weight.  Click HERE for a demo of the Thruster.  This movement can be done with a barbell, dumbells, or even exercise bands.
  • Pull Up X 10.  If you do not have access to a pull up bar or are not able to do pull ups, sub with Lat Pulldowns X 15
  • Sit Up X 15
  • Rest only when necessary

Rest approximately 2:00 and then…

Combo #2:

  • Walking Lunge X 10 each leg.  Only use weight if you feel you aren’t challenged enough.
  • Hindu Push Up X 10
  • Russian Twist X 15 each side
  • Rest X 1:00

Finish the session with 5:00 of stretching, mobility and/or foam rolling.


Daily Practice 14 Aug 18

Cardio Day:  After a solid warm up, perform the following interval workout.  Activity of your choice.

  • Moderate – Hard effort X :90
  • Easy effort X 1:00
  • Repeat for a total of 5 sets

Yoga:  Join me at Cityoga for my 5:45pm Hot Vinyasa class, or other session that works for you.  Otherwise, perform a minimum of 20:00 of stretching and mobilization.

Daily Practice for 10 Aug 18

Happy Friday!  You know the drill…Friday, it’s Yoga Day!  Enjoy!

Early morning meditation X 10:00 into journaling X 10:00.

Yoga Day!  If you have been following along these past weeks, you know the drill.  On Tuesday’s we Yoga.  Join me at Cityoga from 5:45 – 7:00pm, hit up another class that works for you, hit me up for one of my Yoga audios, or do your own thing on your mat.

Daily Practice 09 Aug 18

Meditation:  Walking meditation (mindful walk) X 5:00 – 10:00.  A walking meditation is a slow – moderate pace walk where you are mindful of each step you take.  The sensation of the earth beneath your feet.  Focus on the sensation of your breath.  As other thoughts arise, let them go and bring your awareness back to your footsteps and your breath.  Share your insights and experiences in the comments!  I’d love to hear how things are going in your Practice.

Cardio:  Steady pace effort for a minimum of 30:00.  If the intensity creeps up too high, slow your pace, recover, and then pick it up again, if appropriate.

Yoga:  Spend 10:00 stretching, mobilizing, or foam rolling.

Daily Practice for 08 Aug 18

Meditation/Mindfulness:  Spend 10:00 journaling.  Include listing 5 people who have been a positive influence on your life and why.  Feel free to share any insights in the comments section, as well as feedback on your training today!

Combo #1:  

3 rounds of:

  • Dips X 10
  • Oblique Twist Sit Up X 10 each side
  • Rest for 1:00

Combo #2:

3 rounds of:

  • Bench Press or Incline Bench Press if you have an incline bench) X 15
  • Plank Walk Up X 1:00
  • Reverse Curl Up X 15 – 20
  • Rest for 1:00

Combo #3:

2 round of:

  • Shoulder Press X 10
  • Handstand Hold X long as you can, working up to 1:00.
  • Rest for :30